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Did you actually have to grab another guy’s package? don't why there are so many haters, it's a truly intimate bonding … With your hand on a dude’s wiener, or with his hand on yours, you really have no choice but to trust him, and to form an intimate bond with him. This way, we don’t have to walk without our dicks in our hands. Alas, we never walked like elephants. Authorities were also recently able to learn of an instance where fraternity members forced hopeful frat brothers to perform what is known as the “Elephant Walk,” which involved grabbing penises and inserting thumbs into each other’s rectums. But why not? What a conundrum. And to be honest, hazing increases the brotherhood. ), When the herding car blows a tire, there is a shockingly sudden and violent rollover which will have you commenting on the value of a rollbar, and wondering how Kurt and the Frenchman If you feel in your heart a loud, “yes, yes, yes!” to what I’ve written above, I request that you do share your … “Are you talking about the elephant walk again, you sick son of a bitch?” Dorfman fired back. As I understood it, the term “elephant walk” referred to a group of fraternity pledges standing in a single-file line, naked, walking, and connected by their hands holding onto each others’ cranks. Obviously, it had been done before (see above photo from Indiana University in the ’70s – Mark Cuban actually appears in the photo near the top left, standing in the doorway with the letterman jacket on), but times have changed. A lot of frats have sweethearts: girls who serve as the female face of the fraternity. Could it have been that bad? Just because they aren't making their pledges do the elephant walk doesnt mean they aren't hazing. That’s brotherhood. I too had heard all the outlandish, ominous tales of the infamous elephant walk before ever setting foot on campus. All I want to know is what idiot took that picture.. I’m only okay with elephant walk if the participants are wearing sperrys, that way at least i’ll get a boner. Page 1 of 1 #1 by: I luv it Jan 13, 2020 7:51:30 PM #1 . “As part of its commitment to the safety of its campus community, Sacramento State has absolutely no tolerance for hazing, and every allegation is thoroughly investigated,” the university said in a statement. As I understood it, the term “elephant walk” referred to a group of fraternity pledges standing in a single-file line, naked, walking, and connected by their hands holding onto each others’ cranks. Also the elephant walk most definitely does exist. Fraternity Recruitment. American fraternity culture and the "elephant walk" I was talking to my buddy in college who has since joined a frat since we met freshman year and i havent really seen him much. When I returned home for Christmas break after pledge semester my freshman year, many of my boys that I went to high school with had the same question for me. Most of what goes on is already illegal. They asked with sincere demeanors, “Is all that stuff about the elephant walk true, Rodge? And just think, as close as these two American war heroes became, they never elephant walked. I’m ready to take our brotherhood up a notch. Every time the pledge master yells "Jump" u jump. He came up to me the other day and started asking when they would need to do the elephant walk. Origins. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This story has been shared 851,144 times. He just didn’t get it. It’s all about brotherhood. I’m still the same old Rodge.” Then, that was that. That’s a bond that a herd of opposite direction-walking elephants couldn’t break. but most of … Dorf used to act like such a homo during those lineups. 2. We met up for lunch just to catch up and i asked him how the frat was, said it was pretty awesome and he made some great friends. Mike Tyson podcast descends into chaos: 'I would’ve killed him', Rachel Uchitel says she’s ‘target’ of new beau’s wife, Jeffrey Epstein was potential target in a ‘Catch A Predator’-style sting, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle quit social media for good, How to Watch Alex Trebek’s Last Episode of ‘Jeopardy’, © 2021 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved, No charges to be filed in death of Cornell freshman 'hazed' at frat party, LSU frat member arrested after hazing landed pledge on life support, 3 SUNY frats suspended over sexual assault, hazing allegations, Naked 'basket tosses' in middle of Kentucky's cheerleading hazing downfall, Steve Bannon's podcast shuttered by YouTube over false 2020 election claims, Gov. they do have some studs. Sitemap NYC man who breached US Capitol seen for first time since siege, The Weeknd shows real face after 'plastic surgery' shocked fans, CEO says breaching Capitol was 'single worst' decision of his life, Horrifying video shows Capitol cop getting crushed by Trump supporters, Air Force vet identified as rioter with zip ties during Capitol siege, The Delta Chi fraternity is accused of forcing members to participate in the "elephant walk.". Also, FIJI does the elephant walk. He honestly looked really sad when we told him that wasn’t going to happen.” “I like most of the new pledges,” said fraternity member “Fat Dave” McCoy. Nothing (homo)sexual in nature or anything like that, but they made us do some things and eat some crap that still conjures up terrible memories. They're just not doing what you'd typicaly think of as hazing. February 7, 2019 | 4:37pm | Updated February 7, 2019 | 6:30pm, A California college is investigating reports claiming fraternity pledges were forced to participate in a hazing ritual known as the “elephant walk.”. you do realize that 8 of the 10 ceo's of the top 10 companies in the united states were from SOCIAL fraternities, a good portion of the senate, of reps were in social fraternities, treasurer of the usa, a former president of the united states were all in social fraternities, and in general, the … “We have a lot of questions and that’s all part of the investigation.”. Only, my mind was stuck on the elephant walk thing. Think about this earnestly before you dismiss it. An elephant walk is a USAF term for the taxiing of military aircraft right before takeoff, when they are in close formation. 6,076 Would a Trump victory over the FDA save your … It's tough to get rid of hazing when the members were hazed. Hey, Scooter, there’s somethin’ I’ve been thinkin’ about. PS, I can’t talk about frats and hazing without throwing it back to one of the best blog stories … Here’s the thing: the 2012 University of Southern Mississippi graduate actually has some decent credentials (Note: I’m not including his résumé because it could possibly give away his identity). Picnic. All that stuff is a myth, designed to scare pledges. for most of my experience with USC's greek system, these guys have been considered as the top house. Hazing has changed. Florence Letcher Toms, one of the 22 original founders of the sorority, enjoyed collecting elephants, and many members of the sorority collect elephants in remembrance of her. Huh, Rodge? 5. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. But normal fraternities don't make you do gay sh#t like that. It terrified me at the time, but then I thought, Nah, there’s no way they do that stuff anymore. That's why they put FIJI on most of their shirts and whatnot. I mean, they made us do some pretty messed up stuff. Like brothers and stuff. Are you a gay boy now, Rodge?” I answered coyly, “No, we didn’t do the elephant walk. There were times during a pre-haze session lineup where I’d turn to the pledge brother next to me — his name was Dorfman, next to your boy in the alphabetical lineup — and whisper gleefully, “I think tonight’s finally gonna be the night, Dorf! Do Not Sell My Personal Information. Part 1: New recruits are being publically hazed and humiliated during initiation into a fraternity. You know why we a good partnership, Scooter? 156,316, © 2021 NYP Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved Fraternity Initiations - The Elephant Walk Fraternities throughout the 1970s engaged in many initiation activities that were "rites of passage" for the new pledges. Soy sauce chugs. I can feel it!” “Are you talking about the elephant walk again, you sick son of a bitch?” Dorfman fired back. ... Alot of what we define as hazing for men don't really work for women. But at some, after the film ends, many members, particularly male, walk out in protest claiming they don't do the things depicted in the film. “Frat” is generally a term of derision, like saying “nig” or “kike”. However, do any Frats at IU do extreme stuff? Link to post Share on other sites. S/B/D—185/165/205 (sumo w/ straps) 08-06-2012, 09:21 PM #9 That’s camaraderie. We should have participated. 191,035, This story has been shared 156,316 times. Moving on from taking ass swats with a paddle to walking and holding each others’ hangdowns even seems like a natural progression. Terms of Use when do you give out bids? “It took so much courage for Mr. Dorn to write such a brave article”- Gawker next week, wait you guys I thought this was the real deal, I read “I was pissed we didn’t do it” Stop reading, now I know your gay. Your California Privacy Rights If so which ones - Indiana University Bloomington - IU Discussion Did 1996 'Simpsons' episode predict Capitol Hill attack? It is based upon the novel Elephant Walk by "Robert Standish", the pseudonym of the English novelist Digby George Gerahty … If kegs aren’t your things, drink before going out. Frats gonna frat. School officials said they opened an investigation to determine whether the alleged incident would be categorized as hazing. Thanks for contacting us. But the media has to avoid being homophobic. You can’t be too close with your brothers, right? But I don't know of anybody that actually does that. Link up form a circle with the other pledges and start walkin. Welcome to the new generation Old Man Gates. Did they really make you do it? You just grab right back on mine. But, at the end of the night, you’ll find that the quality of your drink doesn’t really matter anymore.

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