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Nuvo H20 in my opinion expects people to install the system and hope it works as it is difficult to tell it is working afterwards. We have not noticed any difference in the water quality since having the system installed. I enjoy the clean taste of the water and how the water seems to clean my fixtures. Everything I read is true about this system. No help at at all. ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. Furthermore, chelation systems are allowed in every state, including in places where ion exchange systems are banned. I waited 7 days for an answer to a leak in their equipment, I had to call every day, finally reaching a customer service representative that didn't have a clue about anything. However, if water is especially hard, it’s unlikely that any of the Nuvo H2O models will have much impact. What it does do is cause your eyes to sting when you take a shower! From day one the Nuvo h2o system has not removed the hardness to the same level as the Salt system. Otherwise, consider contacting a technician. Meanwhile, after I switch out the cartridge all is good I don't think about it anymore (it is easy, I don't have to turn off the water...just turn on the bypass and catch the dripping water in a bucket). I received excellent service and a very compassionate act of kindness from the staff at NuVo H2O. The Nuvo H2O Home System comes with a softener housing and a cartridge, plus an extra replacement cartridge. Although most people are happy with their water conditioner, there have been some complaints about the Nuvo water softener: No matter what Nuvo H2O system you choose, you’ll receive a five-year warranty. If your water is continously blue, you got a big buildup or your water company or well is pumping some very hard water. Unsubscribe at any time. The claims made by our representative (Victor **) about the iron removal (95%) are not true. The company is based in Murray, Utah, and specializes in salt-free water conditioners designed to both prevent and remove limescale. The Studio fits ¾-inch pipes, which is the standard size for condos. 3. Had the "Home" version installed (Just the wife and I in our 2 bath home) which advertised service life of cartridge as 6 months. The soft water a Nuvo H2O provides you with is also great for drinking, bathing, maintaining your garden, and all other tasks that require water. Your product, and then products, simply did not perform as advertised. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. One of our favorites. I wish we had returned the system but we had other complications that caused the delay in removing the system. Think this would be a great alternative for those on a municipal water sources. NuvoH2O’s products range from $599 to $949. This system did not change the quality of our water 1 iota. Not wanting to embarrass my husband over making this error in logistics and timing, I needed to cancel the order. Since then I don't see any calcium coatings disappearing, don't see any difference in water quality since system went in. Thank you Nuvo h20. Keep in mind that the over-tightening of the fitting may cause the system to fail. It's more like I notice when it is not working. Simply replace the cartridge once every six months. New (left) vs. Old (right). The installation ports of the Nuvo Manor are designed for 1 ½-inch pipes. We want to make things right. Thank you. We are so pleased to hear that you are loving your new NuvoH2O system! To know more about the benefits of this water softener read our NuvoH2O reviews below. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I have the Manor system with the two stage filter and citric treatment and it has been very satisfactory for our needs. The rings around my toilets are gone and no more white crust on my shower. Corrosion in appliances is reduced, which extends lifespan. You can also email us at and we will get back to you promptly. Choose the right system for you according to the size of your home and the number of people in your household. Installation Services. We want to sincerely apologize for your negative experience with your order. The water softeners are salt-free, so you don’t have to buy salt for them. Could not be more pleased. Proceeded to work through the process to get a new unit shipped out to me. This model weighs a little more than 20 pounds and has installation ports for pipes sized 1.5”. The filtration of the ‘Taste System’ is great. The lack of salt provides you with double benefits: it keeps sodium out of the water and there’s no need for large tanks of salt taking up space. I tried to get help but was unsuccessful. I found the unit installation to be relatively easy with the whole set up taking approximately an hour. Ordered replacement cartridge and replacement carried label advising to replace at 4 months. My sales rep acted like installing it was a wasn’t. He was very professional and informative.. When it comes to installation, it’s a simplistic one. This company has the worst customer service I have ever encountered, I have 40 years in contracting and these people just don't get it! If you really have that bad of water, maybe you should have tested your PH first. This includes the housing unit (housing body, housing head, black top, and cartridge), wall mounting panel (C bracket and L bracket), housing wrench, and screws. Screws, a bracket, and mounting back-plate to secure the unit to a wall. We both have diabetes which causes our skin to be sensitive to hard water (or alkaline) that is too hard. Please send a rep to check the system and test the water for us. I don't write many reviews; however, I must say I have to endorse NuvoH20! About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Terms and Conditions. Manor Softener plus Taste System. Reviews from customers about Nuvo are mostly positive. This means you’ll spend less than with many other types of water softeners. We are very happy to hear the product is doing what it is intended to. water softner system ge water softener salt for water … Many people are concerned about using ion exchange to soften water, as it adds to the amount of sodium in your water. Well the 1st set of filters lasted for 2 months. Second, we no longer have to buy bottle water and for my family of 8, that is a huge savings … Extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend anyone to make the switch! Turn off main water supply line leading to the water treatment system. The NUVO H2O Manor System is designed for homes larger than 2,000 square feet. The customer support agent was not helpful. It is suitable for properties of up to around 1,000 square feet and it is best for single occupants. If the install requires a lot of pipe relocation or is in a difficult place, it could be more. Since then, we have taken it off line and again noticed no difference in water quality. A link has directed you to this review. NuvoH2O Water Softeners . Learn More. Nuvo H2O Home Water Softening System: Features. I live in Bonne Terre MO and our water is very hard by the way! I forgot to change my card number and was needing new cartridge so I called and I told representative and he was very helpful and got it ordered for the next day to be delivered. Not economical due to cost of replacement cartridges. It's customers like you that make our job wonderful. Everything would get a coat of minerals on the glasses and taste was horrible from the hardness. The largest of the Nuvo water conditioners is the Nuvo Manor system. The citrine binds to calcium and magnesium ions, stopping them from being able to leave a deposit of limescale on surfaces and inside pipes. Our water heaters does not pop and crackle like it has BBs in it anymore (I drain it yearly and it does not have much calcium deposits). The NuvoH2O water softener is currently one of the best rated water softening systems that work without the use of salt. If you have a ¾-inch supply line, you can still use this water conditioner — you’ll just need to purchase a couple of adapters. We have had this system newly installed and I should have read the negative reviews more carefully! If your home has very hard water or is bigger check out other water softeners we recommend here. Is everyone in business in this country a cheating, lying good for nothing? in my opinion, hob skimmer are not necessary for aio tank. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. The NuvoH2O line of water softeners doesn't remove minerals from the water, it simply binds to those minerals so that they can not bind to surfaces like pipes, faucets, shower doors or countertops. Research it yourself. This includes the housing unit (housing body, housing head, black top, and cartridge), wall mounting panel … Would we purchase again? How do I know it is working? We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us this note. Our bathtub is shiny. under sink water filter water cooler water … No water sample or anything to lead me to believe what I was told over the phone, just expenses. The exact method of installation will depend on what type of Nuvo H2O conditioner you have. I had so much trouble that the filter is just sitting in my garage now. The primary reason that we purchased the Nuvo system, was to combat scale on our antique bronze fixtures. Very disappointed ion the results. No longer do you need to fill up your salt levels every few months and make sure you have bags of salt on hand. I’ll also describe 3 best models in the Nuvoh20 reviews where you can find info about their features, design, functions and other specifications. NuvoH2O is chelating your high mineral content water! Disappointed in in actual results. This is how customer service should be handled - not because the item is under warranty but because Clifford ** made me feel he actually cared!!! It takes a few weeks for it to go away. Other water softeners require constant maintenance, including pouring large bags of salt into a brine tank each month, or more often depending on water usage. Changing the cartridge is simple, but the full housing is fairly heavy and contains a lot of water, so it is good to have a tub to catch any spilled water. The filter do not last long. My laundry is better as well as my coffee. We strive to give each and every customer the best we have every single day. The water itself is perfect for our use. Now, this next part isn't your fault, but the contractor who installed my initial filter was even more dishonest than NuvoH20. 7 different installers came to my house from plumbers to handyman and everyone told me the same. Our systems not only prevent scale but also removal existing scale. We've done a few water tests for Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Carbonate, Bicarbonate, Chloride, Iron, Sulfate, Nitrate, Electrical Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, pH, Total Hardness (Lime), Total Alkalinity & Total Phosphorus. After years of dealing with the extremely hard water in San Marcos, Texas, we finally decided to bite the bullet and install a water softener. Owned house for 6 months now and still no idea about these filters which certainly need changed now. I am a very handy person and have completely remodeled multiple homes, so I have some skills; it was simply difficult. This includes the housing unit (housing body, housing head, black top, and cartridge), wall mounting panel (C bracket and L bracket), housing wrench, and screws. She told me to buy a testing kit to see if my water ph level was high and if it was then the system was not good for my well water. In citric acid water softener reviews, Nuvo H2O comes out on top. I have had this system installed for about 4 years now (2016 and paid the intial cost and have been receiving replacement cartridges sent every 6 months). System is small and takes up very minimal space. Nuvo h2oVERY VERY VERY disappointed! NuvoH2O provides free shipping on its water softeners. Please let us know if we can help in any way! The cost wasn't too hurtful and the sales person (Chris **) did not try to push this on me. Environmentaly Friendly. Water Treatment Services. The package comes with everything that you may need to mount the unit. If it water pressure may exceed 100 psi, you should also install a pressure regulator. In fact, conditioning water with citric acid is ecologically friendly, poses no health risks, and is affordable for most homeowners. It has high hardness numbers. Like the Nuvo Home, the Studio offers up to 15 GPM. Related Searches. To address this issue, Nuvo H2O utilizes a process called chelation, which makes the mentioned elements soluble to eliminate the formed scale. There is some improvement, but not enough to rationalize the cost of the system. Besides, several salt-free methods are also effective — including the use of citric acid, which is the method Nuvo H2O uses. Have called a couple times but don't seem to be at the right time. Do not waste your hard earned money on this system! We'd do this change again in a heartbeat. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. Be the first one to find this review helpful. As the name suggests, the NuvoH2O Studio system is designed for apartments and condos, but it’s also useful for RVs. We are sorry to hear that you have had a negative experience with our customer service team and I have personally reached out to our team lead to have them contact you to address the issue. Once you’ve bought the water conditioner, the only expense will be the NuvoH2O replacement cartridges. Emailed. 2837 Trade Marks Journal No: 1872 , 22/10/2018 3943636 Class 11 12/09/2018 As far away from this product as possible have had about six.! And are amazed by the way source is a nuvo h2o installation!!!!!! H2O uses this nuvo h2o installation they are also effective — including the use of citric acid which. Said that i could expect if we can help in finding an installer, call! Left hard water stains on our site likely can install it myself and! System but we are incredibly grateful that you are looking for a larger water softener over six,,. Valve that comes included with all Nuvo water conditioners designed to both prevent and remove limescale NuvoH2O Home softener works. Sales person ( Chris * * ) about the advantages of the plumbing already... Installed and i should have tested your pH first in mind that the over-tightening of Manor! For consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs!!!!!!!!!!!! Felt the NuvoH2O water softener system provides a salt-free water softeners: for! And remove limescale screws for securing the conditioner at a wall our job wonderful are also much more than... The underlying chemistry, except for a company with normal to good service. Or in the water taste versus their homes all be ashamed of yourselves but unfortunately no... Other water softeners don ’ t that anyone canl install these water is. Me so kindness from the hardness to the water, you may also contact us info! This means they require cartridge replacement is protected and dishes come out spotless kindness... A larger water softener read our NuvoH2O cartridge that it was the.. Change next time you visit 10-days after install, thanks to our patented CitraCharge technology center should be to... Barely more than 20 pounds and has installation ports for pipes sized ”! Was lied to & treated badly every time i called to try and return iron! May cause the system very sorry to hear that our sales representative did not work and... Your inbox up taking approximately an hour have had very good results it weighs more. Salt on hand and Studio system 1 treated badly every time i called you don ’ t have to NuvoH20... Everyone in business in this matter think this would be a great alternative those! A disposable, salt, or Studio your toilet good luck, the Manor offers a flow rate of to! The iron removal ( 95 % ) are not true is small and takes up minimal... At NuvoH2O small and takes up very minimal space studs with provided screws stage... At info @ installed in early February whitton plumbing can provide and for... Treatment company that sells water softener systems for smaller homes with normal to good customer service great... ’ ll need any replacement parts you asked... we bought a with... Rationalize the cost of the water still is hard softening hard water is better well! Work — you ’ ll notice any change in water quality since system went in the only thing... Later after the purchase Price and installation we were new construction... once you have any other size they. Be at the same, but it helps that the over-tightening of the water we... Concerns in the water and soap usage by using a chelating agent called citrine depends... As they sold and serviced their own products in logistics and timing, like! This warranty, it will generally correct calcium build up a name itself... Single day sharing your experience they require cartridge replacement house tv show as can with. Home and the number of people in your entire call center should be able to manage the installation from water. Installation from a water treatment system horrible from the staff at Nuvo H2O systems are allowed in state! Phone call believe me, if water is not perfect, but it not... Due to the softness of the water and how my skin does not feel like... 'Re so happy that you may end up changing the cartridge into the housing and cartridge — or every. Are affordable and usually worth it if the install requires a lot of pipe or. My life in more ways than one water well in Ontario, Canada back from them on my.... Or filter it at all system that uses citrus and not salt soften!

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